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Who Am I?

I fell into fitness in an unconventional way. After struggling with disordered eating and the darkness of depression I stumbled into exercise as a guiding light. Finding that there was an outlet for negative emotions to become positive I dove head first into the world of health and fitness. Initially starting with running I slowly began to find interest in weight lifting and programming. While obtaining a Psychology degree at West Chester University I also began to pursue certifications in personal training, beginning with W.I.T.S(A branch of NASM), ISSA Online and the End of Three Fitness Coaching Program.

I have navigated my way through becoming the most effective coach to provide the best service for my athletes.  All of my past trials led have led me to the goal of helping others overcome their own trials. 


 My life goals are to help make the biggest impact on as many people possible. My ultimate goal is to change the world with the idea that training not only benefits the body physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

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